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5 Phrases You Should Learn Before Visiting Ghana

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Ghana is one of the most popular countries in Africa alongside Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Egypt. Rich in culture, cocoa, gold, and history. it’s considered one of the safest countries to visit in Africa.

And if you are planning to visit, here are 5 Ghanaian words that are very popular and you may want to learn before heading to Ghana. 

  1. Akwaaba
  2. Eti sen?
  3. Ye fro wo sen
  4. Wo bay jay sen
  5. Wa ye sen



Akwaana is a popular Ghanaian word that means welcome. While flying to Ghana it’s the first thing you will see at the Kotoka International Airport. If someone addresses you by the word Akwaaba you should reply with ‘Medaase’ which means thank you.

Eti sen?

This is a Ghanian greeting which means ‘how are you?’ The people of Ghana are very friendly and almost everyone you will meet will greet you using this word. Greeting are very important to the people of Ghana and therefore it’s important that you learn this phrase. If anyone greets you with the words ‘eti sen’ you should reply with ‘Eh Ya’ which means I’m fine/doing great.

Ye fro wo sen

This phrase means ‘what is your name?’  when meeting new people you can use this phrase to know their names.

Wo bay jay sen

The public transport system is very interesting and if it’s something that you would like to experience this is a phrase you MUST know, which simply means ‘what is the fare’. 

Wa ye sen

Matokeo ya picha ya cultural things to buy in Ghana

The cultural artifacts in Ghana are amazing. If you visit and want to buy some then use ‘Wa ye sen’ which is simply asking the price of what you are buying. It translates to ‘how much is this?’

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