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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kokrobite

by The Ghana HIT

Kokrobite is a beautiful town along the Ghanaian coast; it is a famous tourist attraction site. It is on the far end of Accra, 30 kilometers away; it is well-known as a traditional fishing village. There are several white-sand beaches and amazing live nightlife. Local and international tourists travel to Kokrobite to see the various attractions, particularly the coconut-lined beaches. The Key tourists’ attractions include:

Dizzy Lizzies

Dizzy Lizzies is a beautiful place to relax and watch tropical sunset with your loved one, friends, or family. It is a standard beachside restaurant that serves both local and international dishes at reasonable prices. The main dishes in this café include cocktails and drinks, smoothies, and local cuisines. Besides, tourists enjoy the local music performances each day.

Kokrobite Gardens

Kokrobite gardens is a little paradise at the center of Kokrobite. These gardens feature a large lavish swimming pool, gorgeous exotic gardens, and a restaurant that prepares wood-fired pizza. Kokrobite Gardens is a famous tourist site; it is a fantastic and peaceful place where you can relax while enjoying the amazing climate and nature in this area.

Wakanda Beach Resort

The Wakanda Beach Resort is situated on an abandoned stretch of golden sandy beach. It is the ideal place to go party with friends and your loved ones and enjoy the best Afro-beats music. If you like partying, this is the perfect place to go while at Kokrobite. The Wakanda Beach Resort is an amazing venue for music events and intimate concerts for famous musical superstars in Ghana.

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Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach is a calm and quiet sandy beach in Kokrobite that features a magnificent hotel and a resort. To access the resorts and the hotels, you have to use a canoe to cross to the other side. Bojo Beach is a fascinating private beach, and most tourists come to relax at this clear golden beach. Others come with their own refreshments to enjoy the cool breeze of this beach. If you want to have private time alone or with your partner, then Bojo beach is the right destination.

Solo Monkey Sanctuary

Solo Monkey Sanctuary is situated in Village neighboring Kokrobite. The sanctuary is home to several monkey species, and it offers more personal experience and a great chance of getting close to the monkeys. You can stop at this Sanctuary during your tour in Kokrobite to interact with the monkeys. There are well-trained guides in this place that can accompany you to the sanctuary.

Mr. Bright Surf School

Mr. Bright is a famous Surf teacher of offers both personal and group surf training to learners and intermediaries. His school is situated in the social heart of Kokrobite beach. Mr. Bright is a professional surfer and a prominent surf teacher in Kokrobite; he guides people interested in surfing through small waves along the Kokrobite coastline.

Luxury Beach

Luxury Beach was established recently and is a beautiful venue for family tours. Tourists can relax and enjoy the unique coastal climate and ride pedalos. Additionally, they can ride a donkey to explore the entire beach. The luxury beach is a beautiful place to go for photoshoots, while in Ghana, the best travel photos can be captured here. You should include Luxury beaches to sites you want to tour in Ghana.

Big Millies Backyard

If you love parting, Big Millie should be your next destination. You can go with your friends or your fiancée. Big Millies Backyard is internationally recognized; it is a fantastic tourist site in Kokrobite. Big Millies has sufficient accommodations rooms, a restaurant that prepares good food, and a place where you can relax while listening to live music performances. It borders the Kokrobite beach, a major social site in the Kokrobite region. Reggae nights are held during the weekend, and it is necessary to dance during such lively nights.

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