Home Culture A Ghanaian Pastor Regrets Dumping his pregnant girlfriend.

A Ghanaian Pastor Regrets Dumping his pregnant girlfriend.

by The Ghana HIT

A certain Ghanaian Preacher has expressed his regrets for abandoning her pregnant girlfriend. The pastor revealed that he visited Kumasi to attend a certain conference when he met this lady whom they had sex on the same night.

While speaking during an interview he said, “I came back to Accra and after some time, she called to tell me she was pregnant. I was surprised because we had sex only once. I hanged up on her and kept avoiding her as I figured it was just a joke.”

The lady called the pastor after she delivered but he still ignored her. “I still paid no attention to her because I was at a very difficult place in my life; my rent was due and I was looking for ways and means of settling the debt so I hanged up on her again,” he stated.

The pastor said that he is currently looking for a girlfriend and his child. “I have gone as far as involving my mum but now she claims the child is dead so I should forget about them. But I know my child is alive because I recently saw her celebrate the child’s birthday on Facebook.”

He said that he has finally noticed his mistakes and he wants to make things right. He further requested the host to help him apologize to the lady.

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