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A new ride App inDrive will start operating in Accra.

by The Ghana HIT

Technology is advancing each day, and most sectors are working toward improving their services and staying relevant in these modern days. The transport sector in Ghana has not been left out; they have developed several apps to promote more accessible transport and movement around the city. Most of these transport app only operates in big cities and towns; hence people in interior areas still struggle to access efficient transport.

Ride application makes transport more accessible, especially for all the people traveling at night; it is easier to navigate new places, especially when visiting for the first time or you are afraid of getting lost. Instead of using a direction application, you can just ask for a ride app. Ride applications are currently operating in many regions of the world. inDrive is an international mobility and urban services platform officially launched in some Ghanaian cities. The inDrive is a company operating in forty-seven countries and more than seven hundred cities across the world.

inDrive is an international information technology and transportation platform and one of the fastest-growing online ride-hailing services in many parts of the world. This application offers other services, such as freight and cargo and delivery services in various operations markets. The headquarters of inDrive is based in Mountain View in California, and have several hubs running in various regions in America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and other nations of the CIS. The company has more than 2400 workers based in various regions.

The New ride application will start operating in the capital city of Ghana this year. inDrive has incredible features that are favorable to both the driver and the passenger. inDrive has a strategic way of operating its business so as to remain competitive without increasing substantial investments. One unique feature is peer-to-peer, whereby the customers and the driver can agree on the charges and other things concerning the ride. The agreements are undisputable; therefore, no changes can be made regardless of the distance, traffic jams, and weather conditions. The inDriveapplication is among the most downloaded ride applications, with more than 150 million downloads; it is the second most downloaded mobility application across the globe.

The inDrive company has launched the application in several African Nations such as Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, and many others. This app is distinctive compared to other mobility applications because it does not hike their transport charges during late hours. Besides, it does not use pricing systems; its charges are fair and whatever you see on the application is precisely what they charge. After registration, the passenger must indicate the route, where they are, and their destination.

The application offers the charges for the route once the inDrive prompts them, and all the offers from the accessible drivers show up on the screen. The customer is allowed to choose the most favorable rates, depending on driver rating and vehicle model. They select the request they accept through passenger ratings and user reviews. The Driver is able to see the destination before that accept the ride application. The company’s primary goal is to fight the challenges associated with rides, and therefore it has introduced an excellent pricing formula.

inDrive revealed that they would not charge service fees during the initial stage of operation in Accra city. The drivers who will join the driver platform will be able to make more money during the initial stage because there will be no service fees. The company offers the most affordable services worldwide and other amazing campaigns to help grow and create brand awareness. The launch of inDrive in Ghana will be of significant impact, and most people are anticipating to benefit from the flexibility of this company.

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