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A Teacher Quits His Teaching Career to Sell ‘nkusua” For a Living.

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Nichols Anaba, 36, sells hard-boiled eggs with style and bunches of confidence.Nichols innovation has caught the attention of many and has influenced others to think out of the box. 

Anaba, a WASSCE certificate holder had been teaching at a private school for more than 10 years. He was lucky to have been hired as a pupil teacher at a private school in Kumasi right after High School. Through many hurdles and hard work, Nichols was promoted to Headteacher. Shortly after Anaba decided to quit his teaching job and endeavor in something different as his teaching salary wasn’t sufficient to make ends meet. 

He first went into the bread- making business, but soon discovered that it was highly competitive with small profits. He now sells hard-boiled eggs for a living wearing a dark suit with a tie to coordinate. Nichols sells more than eight cartons of eggs daily, making him a minimum of GH¢ 2,500. 00 a month. He serves his hard-boiled eggs with a hot spicy scotch bonnet pepper sauce, a morning hit for the local traders of Atimatin, Pakrono, Ahwiaa, and Tafo vicinities in Kumasi. 

Anaba’s story has inspired many to be creative and positive about anything they wish to do.He reveals he wants to expand his business to employ more people to do the selling like Andrika Pastries.

This is definitely a story that compels you to strive for more!

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