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A Young entrepreneur reveals that Google is her best friend.

by The Ghana HIT

In current days whereby most Ghanaians are using their phones every minute to have fun on social media platforms, other people are making money from the apps on their phones. The individuals interested in business, watch videos on how to begin businesses and succussed by acquiring customers who believe in their brand.

Akosua Abrefi Oduro, is among the individuals who are using social media for business purposes. The young entrepreneur who is making strides with her unique artefacts and using social media to market them, disclosed that she got the skills in making handmade bags from t-shirt yarns on google, specifically on YouTube.

The young Entrepreneur who is the CEO of Ewuraba bags GH said, “I used to do bead bags, purses, clutches and I noticed everybody was doing it and sometimes you might sit down, be creative enough, bring out a new shape or colour, you post it and someone will take it so I said I wanted to do something that wasn’t too common here in our part of the world so I went on YouTube.”
“ Let’s say Google is my best friend…I saw one of these bags on google and then I continued searching. The materials used in making them, videos on how to make them on YouTube and I took it from there.” Akosua Abrefi Oduro told the young people to be creative and be ready to learn in order to fit in any entrepreneurial environment.

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