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Abdul Samed Zurak and his Zurak Cancer Foundation

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Adam Zurak Cancer Foundation

Abdul Zurak is the Chief Executive Officer of the Zurak Cancer Foundation. 

The Zurak Cancer Foundation, a Ghana-based all-volunteer NGO is one organization that addresses the problem in populations that would otherwise be ignored; bringing huge advances in early cancer diagnosis and care, as well as raising awareness of non-communicable diseases.

Improving African healthcare needs with innovative thinking, immense passion, and skill. This makes health research a mechanism that is challenging but particularly important — one with plenty of potentials to have a significant impact in developing countries.

This young entrepreneur recently made headlines as one of the #ObamaLeaders!

@abdulzurak, a young Ghanaian, has devoted his life to a charity focused on educating Ghana and eventually fighting breast cancer in the country.

On 27 April 2014, Abdul Samed Zurak formed the Zurak Cancer Foundation to provide free cancer screening, education, and awareness-raising services in disadvantaged communities and slums in Ghana. Since losing his aunt and her children to liver cancer and discovering that early detection might have saved their lives, he formed the organization.

The Zurak Cancer Foundation has coordinated community-based screening services that incorporate an early detection approach into Ghanaians ‘ health habits, screening almost 4,000 individuals. They achieved this by developing partnerships with local specialist cancer organizations.

With its prevention and education programs, including free community-based tests for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer, the organization has managed to reach 107,658 individuals since its inception four years ago. In fact, in the last year, the company was able to expand its volunteer base from 24 to 72.

Follow the foundation for more updates and ways to get involved: https://zurakcancerfoundation.org/index.html/

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