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Adventure Tourism in Ghana 2023

by The Ghana HIT

Adventure tourism has been one of the leading sectors of the travel industry over recent years. It is a sector that aims at experiences that allow people to have fun and create lasting memories. Adventure tours allow tourists to experience new things in regions far from their home places. It is a comprehensive sector that guarantees tourists a chance to connect physically to a destination they are visiting. There are several adventure activities, such as kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, biking, ziplining, safaris, and surfing.

Some of the main adventurous activities in Ghana include;

Kwahu Paragliding Festival

Kwahu paragliding festival is an exciting leisure activity generally held around the Easter season of each year. This year’s festival has already been launched, and people have started participating. Kwahu paragliding attracts many tourists each year, so it is advisable to book in advance if you want to participate.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

It is a fantastic relaxation point with a great environment and surrounding. You can take an exciting walk at Aburi botanical gardens.

Explore Nzulezu Village

Nzulezu villages sit on stilts, and there is water beneath the village. Most tourists are amazed by how the residents of this village survive by living in such an environment. It looks weird to live in this village, but the residents are already used to it. Their main economic activity is tourism, farming, and fishing. It is an exciting experience to explore this village.

Jet Ski in Ada

Ada is a favorite tourists attractions sites with a calm and pleasant environment. It is a fantastic getaway destination and one of the most preferred sites where tourists enjoy boat riding and other activities. The famous Ada Day Tours links visitors with local tour guides who guide them and help them organize exciting activities during their stay in Ada. There are a couple of Other areas of interest which you can explore during your visit to Ada.

Hike Mount Afadja

Mount Afadja is the tallest mountain in Ghana, with an altitude of approximately 885 meters. It is situated in the Volta Region at the border of Togo and Ghana. It is an ideal hiking site with amazing views of the surrounding regions.

Explore the Wechiau Community Hippos Sanctuary

Wechiau Community Hippos Sanctuary was officially established in 1999 by the local traditional heads. It is home to the remaining hippos in Ghana so you can hang out in this sanctuary during your visit to Ghana. This sanctuary protects the remaining Hippos from poachers and also preserve their surrounding. This sanctuary is situated in Ghana’s Uppers West region and easily accessible from the capital city.

Explore the Mole National Park

It is the largest national park in Ghana. Tourists travel to witness Safaris at this park during the dry season. Mole National park is home to approximately eight hundred elephants and other animal species and vegetation such as buffaloes, hyenas, warthogs, shea trees, shrubs, savanna grasses, and herbaceous plants. The residents living around Mole park benefit from harvesting honey through traditional methods. The dry season is ideal for visiting this park because it is easier to spot animals while taking water.

Hike at a waterfall

Ghana is surrounded by some beautiful waterfalls where adventure seekers can go hiking. Wli falls, the most famous waterfall in Ghana receives a significant number of tourists each day. It is the highest waterfall in West Africa, pouring from a height of eighty meters. Hiking to the top of these falls guarantees gorgeous views of the surrounding areas and maximum adventure. Besides, Boti falls is a perfect site for adventurous biking.

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