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Akosua Pokua says that she prefers family to career

by The Ghana HIT

During an interview, Akosua Pokua said that according to her family, is more significant than a career. Pokua is a Gospel musician and Minister of God’s word. To support her opinion, she said that any career that is being pursued by any woman aims at taking care of the family. She further, insisted that family is bedrock while discussing the topic ‘Today’s woman and the middle ground between career and family’.

According to this gospel, a musician’s career involves finding oneself in a field of work where he or she wants to grow. A job is not similar to a career because a job involves doing some work to earn some income, therefore, it may or may not be a field that people intend to grow in.

“For me, family comes first because family is very important. Not to say that career is not important, however, when you want to have a family, it’s a decision. Others don’t want to have families. You need to ask yourself if you want to have a family or if you want to grow in your career”, Akosua said.

Nevertheless, Akosua, said that at every point in time in everyone’s life, there must be something that they give priority over the others. She, therefore, concludes by saying that family could be the priority now, but it might change later.

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