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All you need to know about the Paragliding Festival

by The Ghana HIT

The paragliding festival is normally held each year as a fundamental section of the Kwahu Easter Festivities. This festival has completely transformed Easter celebrations into an intercontinental ceremony in Ghana. Besides, the paragliding festival has revived the Kwahu Easter festival. The first paragliding festival was held in 2005, and so far, the event has been attracting a large number of people from all over the world. Paragliding demands a certain strength and direction of the wind to enjoy a safe flight. The team forecasts the weather first to determine the safety of the flight; if the booked time for flying is not favorable for flying, the management plans another suitable day.

The ceremony is fun and runs for four days. Cycle paraglider pilots gather from various places to entertain and fly Ghanaian and foreign visitors. Solo pilots are also invited to this event. Flying conditions and rules for this particular event start from mid-morning and remain soarable till late in the day. The updrafts are constantly vast and mild and provide a good chance for new pilots to improve their skills as well as the experienced pilots who enjoy flying.

Paragliding festival is an adventure sport that has some risks, but the modern paraglider is a classy aircraft that has been computer designed, flight-tested, and has met all the international standards. Testing and development ensure that paragliders remain safe while flying. The wings remain in their aerodynamic state while the internal pressure results from forwarding flight. Paragliders stay high up when the rising air current is high than the standard rate of the wing. Paragliders are usually hurled by running off moderate slopes with the glider inflated till you lift off your feet.

Paragliders cater to all people regardless of their size and height, but the most recommended weight is between 40kg to 90kg, and height of 120cm and 180cm. It is very rare to suffer nausea or dizziness when flying, but it is advisable not to consume lots of food before that flight because this might affect your comfort or even make you lose balance. There is no age limit for the people attending this festival, but your health must be in good condition.

It is advisable to put on clothes and comfortable shoes for physical activity. The shoes should be closed to protect well and should not be slippery. Dress in warm clothes because it is usually cool when flying in the sky. People with disabilities are allowed to enjoy the flight experience, but this depends on the nature of their disability. There are different types of disabilities; therefore, the team examines the disability before giving you a chance to fly.

The management does not perform aerobics or high-risk tricks during a tandem flight experience to avoid imposing any fear on the participants. The team is very keen on how you feel during the flight and modifying the experience suitable for you. Some participants prefer cruising around and admiring the beautiful views, while others are curious for more information and want to know more about the equipment. Safety is the priority, and in case you are not comfortable, you will have to land immediately. Your health is first examined before doing fast turns because one in every hundred people feel a bit sick when flying. In case you are not feeling well, they slow down and cruise slowly to see if you recover.

A tandem paraglider can only take two people, a qualified pilot, and the passenger. The pilot controls the entire flight, but when the weather is suitable, and the passenger wants to try, they are offered the chance to co-pilot the paraglider. Small groups of passengers fly on separate tandems, and depending on pilots’ availability; they can fly at the same time or one after the other. You can take pictures and videos at the top or even have other people on the ground taking videos.

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