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Awurama Kena-Asiedu’s company recycles and reuses plastic waste to produce bags for school children

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One of the most common environmental issues in today’s era is plastic pollution. However, some individuals like Awurama Kena-Asiedu are reinventing the wheel to lessen environmental damages. Her innovative solution turns plastic waste into school bags for children. Kena-Asiedy is the CEO of a company named Ramplast, and their focus is to recycle and reuse plastic waste to produce quality products for school children around the nation. It has also been highlighted that reusable waste material will be incorporated to ensure sewage channels do not get clogged. 

This CEO is a graduate of the University of Ghana, and has hired more than forty employees for her current project. This project doesn’t only help the environmental development, but also focuses on the development of the urban and rural economy by creating jobs and building the local industrial sector. Kena-Asiedu pays close attention to her community problems such as unemployment,and believes that it can be improved by creating more small-scale industries like Ramplast .

Ramaplast aims to prepare school bags for more than 700,000 students around the sixteen districts of the nation by 2023. This project will be centered around the youngsters who are the future of Ghana. Kena-Asied stated that Ramplast will also focus on creating environment-friendly clubs in several schools to educate society on plastic pollution, and how they can contribute to this cause. 

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