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Azonto – The Ghanaian Dance and Music Taking the US by Storm

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Azonto is a popular Ghanaian Dance and music genre that originated from a traditional dance known as Kpanlogo from the coastal towns of Ghana. 

The dance involves hand movements in an organized manner- lots of hip movement and bending.

The dance reflects everyday activities and its basic moves involve actions such as washing, ironing, swimming, boxing, and others. 

Azonto is translated to mean work and therefore is a communicative dance.

Matokeo ya picha ya azonto

Azonto can be traced back to a song called ‘Azonto’ by R2Bees. However, the music genre was rejuvenated by musician @Sarkodie and EL through their song called ‘You Go Kill Me’ which went viral. 

Other popular songs of the Azonto genre include Dangerous by SarkodieChop Kenkey by Joey B, Azonto by WizkidAzonto Ghost by Bisa Kdei among many others.

The dance was popularized by the media through different dances by dancing groups. The genre is now a worldwide dance with popular footballers such as Asamoah Gyan and Emmanuel Adebayor celebrating their goals with the Azonto dance.

The popularity of Azonto has led to businesses being named after it. In Ghana at the moment, you will get Azonto Petroleum and the Azonto Commission which promotes art. The dance has also been used to promote unity and inclusion in Ghana.

The genre has even penetrated churches through the name Chrizonto which simply means Christ’s Azonto. Several popular gospel artists in Ghana such as Piesie Ester has been advocating for the genre and have even held an event for the Chrizonto. 

Gospel songs are now coming out through the genre of communication Christian love. Azonto does not have any signs of slowing down since young and more energetic musicians are still coming up modifying the dance and music genre making it even better. More is expected from Azonto.

Wanna learn how to dance? watch this clip. 

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