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Bahamas First Lady Cultural Trip to Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

The first lady of the Bahamas arrived in Ghana on 16th June 2022 for a three-day trip before leaving for Rwanda on 19th June 2022. On 17th June 2022, the first lady, in the company of the Western Regional Minister, chiefs, and queen mothers from Ahanta, explored some historical places in Accra.

The first lady and her team visited the independence Square at Osu during the historical tour. It is one of the most significant historical sites to Ghanaians. From the independence square, she was taken to the renovated National Museum, where she learned more about the historical experiences in Ghana during the precolonial, colonial, and post-colonial eras.

They proceeded to the Artistic center at Osu; she was shown several artworks by famous Ghanaian artists and other African artists. The first lady and her team proceeded with their tour to the Precious Mineral Marketing Company, where she spent some time with the company staff and management. They were taken to a showroom where the most expensive gold and diamond jewelry pieces are sold. The first lady’s Accra tour was concluded at the Kotoka International Airport.

On 18th June 2022, the first lady was led by a high-powered government delegation to Ahanta to attend the crowning of Christopher Davies at Gyan Kwaw II. Christopher Davies is a young historiographer and a scholar from the Bahamas. The ceremony had a rich show of the Ahanta culture and traditions. The Ahanta chiefs and queen mothers also attended this significant event in multicolored Kente cloths and golden jewelry.

Being a cultural event, it started with a prayer of recognizing the gods of Ahanta and pouring libation. Nana Kojo Adansi II expressed his happiness to the first lady for accepting the invitation to attend this event. The entire community was positive about the first lady’s attendance at the crowning event, and according to them, it was going to improve the political relations between Ghana and the Bahamas.

According to the Western Regional Minister, the first lady’s visit and the crowning of Christopher Davies will result in more opportunities for tourism and cultural exchange in Ghana and Ahanta. “I am very confident that the visit of the first lady of the Bahamas and the Coronation of Mr. Christopher Davis will open more opportunities in the area of cultural exchange and tourism,” he noted.

The first lady expressed her happiness to the Ghanaian government and the Ahanta people for according her a warm welcome. “I must say that this is beyond my expectation, and I thank you all for this beautiful ceremony. You have a beautiful country and beautiful people with a very rich culture. I must say that I felt the spirit of Junkanoo more than ever here, and here the drumming is very pulsating,” she said. She further insisted that her travelling to Ghana would strengthen their diplomatic ties and the tourism between the two nations.

Later, Christopher Davis was dressed in traditional war ceremonial dress with a sword in his right hand. Nana Etsin Kofi II directed him to take his oath of office, where he promised to be loyal to Badu Banso XV. After taking the oath of office, he sat on a traditional stool three times to signify that he would be the new commander of the Badu Bonso army.

The newly crowned Gyan Kwaw II appreciated the chiefs and people of Ahanta for trusting him with the position of such high office. “I appreciate the chiefs and people of Ahanta for this honor done to me, and I pledge to live by the oath of my office as Gyan Kwaw II,” he said while holding the traditional sword in his right hand upright.

Besides, the chiefs and queen mothers of Ahanta took the chance to initiate the first lady and her team into Ahanta. The first lady was dressed in traditional kente cloth and the ‘Nyanya herb.’ Placing this healing herb around her neck was a sign of initiation into Ahanta.

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