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Benson Nana says he can sweep Kumasi to have his kids back

by The Ghana HIT

Comedian, Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, commonly known as ‘Funny Face’ has stated that he is willing to do anything just to have his children back. The comedian expressed the way he is missing his twins, “Ella and Bella” in what seemed to be an apology letter to his partner and ‘in-laws’.

“This day will come again girls. We will laugh again. I will hold you girls in my arms again for Life. Even if I have to sweep da whole KUMASI to have u girls back. Even if I have to go stand on mountain Afadajato to shout and apologize to everybody. I will gladly do it wholeheartedly,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

Furthermore, the comedian requested forgiveness, stating, that his misconduct and continuous rants on the internet in the past few weeks, was caused by anger and pain.

“Life’s journey took your father on a lonely mystery road. Where people go and never return. Or they come back and they don’t remember anybody again is a road of Anger, pain, revenge. A road nobody will understand, except da people who have been there. Suicidal thoughts on that road are very rampant. But JEHOVAH, my #Funnyfans, my true friends …saved me with words of Encouragement. Your DAD went on that road and returned peacefully,”

Funny Face also took the chance to apologize to the people he offended with his recent misconduct on social media. Benson Nana did not forget to congratulate Vanessa his ‘Baby mama’ on the birth of their new baby girl.

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