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Bishop Duncan Williams has banned the use of mobile phones in his office

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Popular Ghanaian Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has banned the use of mobile phones in his office. The man of God claims that people have a bad habit of recording audios and videos and then putting them out there. While preaching on Sunday the Bishop who is also the founder of the Action Chapel International claimed that people had made it a habit of recording others. He gave an example of a person who recorded the President of Ghana Akufo-Addo

Matokeo ya picha ya Secretly recording people is evil; I have stopped phones from my office - Duncan-Williams

The pastor added that even the President had banned the use of phones in his office. In his sermon, the man of God stated that: “I went to the office of the President the other day and they stopped cell phones from everywhere. Why? Somebody had the audacity to enter into the Office of the President to record the President. What is wrong with us? What has become of us now? To that extent, you’re not afraid? 

Husbands are recording their wives when they are making love, and wives are recording their husbands when they are making love; you record the insults but you don’t record the other things; the other things she was saying and doing – hmmmm …” 

The respected Bishop went ahead to warn his congregation not to record people without their permission. It’s at this point that he added that he had also stopped people from entering his office with phones. He noted that: “People come and play people to me, they come to my office and I’ve stopped phones from entering into my office. This society has become a very vindictive society; you record everybody and they won’t tell you they are recording you; they will set you up; that is very bad. People are even recording their fathers and their mothers; their wives and their husbands. What is wrong with you?” 

This is a very sensitive period in Ghana as they head towards the General election and that is why the President is so careful about people visiting his office. 

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