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Burna Boy Judge for Saying He’s “The best since Fela Kuti”

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Nigerian artist Burna Boy is on the receiving end after Tweeting that he is the best in Nigeria since Fela Kuti. The superstar went on to add that no one had paved way for him. The tweet has been deleted since posting. 


A twitter user who saw it as a disrespect to the seniors in the industry asked Burna where he was when Afrobeat was having a hard time between 2010 and 2018. In response, Burna Boy stated that the senior Nigerian singers were paying the western for their songs to be played and that he had brought the respect Africans are enjoying currently. 

Burna Boy later posted this message- 

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Fela Kuti was an Afrobeat pioneer and a political insurrectionist. He passed away in 1997 due to AIDS. 

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