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Business people have been urged to embrace digitization

by The Ghana HIT

During the Digital Conference that was held in Accra, the guest speakers emphasized that technology has transformed the business world. According to them, the normal ways of conducting businesses are slowly becoming obsolete and therefore, businesses should embrace digitization.

The managing director of Banks of Ghana noted that Covid-19 has created business opportunities for innovative people. “Every crisis has a silver-lining opportunity, and the pandemic has shown us that we can move faster and better. The hope and expectations are that people will realize the ease of doing business. For example, a survey was conducted in Europe about how many people would like to go back to the office full time when things get back to normal.

About 60% said they would not like to go back full time. If you can be as productive and accountable from a remote location, why not? It also saves overhead costs because you don’t need physical offices. So, it could be a win-win situation if managed well,” he stated.

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