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Charismatic Council begs government to lift the ban on churches

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana’s Charismatic council has requested the government to lift the current ban on churches maintaining that they will adhere to social distancing directives provided by the government. Bishop S.N Mensah an executive member of the council maintained that churches can ensure proper social distancing practices.

The bishop maintained that as long as the parliament is meeting churches should also be allowed to run. The wondered why the government was banning the church yet people are allowed to go to markets yet they are crowded.

Bishop Mensah added that: “Recently chiefs were installing their traditional leaders which were not the best, so I think preventing church and asking church members not to meet is not the best. At this time we’re all helping to put in some mechanisms so we are expecting that in the shortest possible time, churches should be able to meet but with certain conditions in place. For instance, the church should not be full to 50 percent capacity or 50 percent capacity, having sanitisers and putting in place all the necessary protocols and some guidelines to govern the running of the church.”

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