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Coronavirus burial team overwhelmed as more bodies await burial

by The Ghana HIT

The coronavirus burial team says it’s overwhelmed by the huge number of bodies that are still lying in morgues awaiting burial. Speaking on Thursday 6th Aug, the team leader Joseph Asitanga said that they had buried six bodies that day at the Awodome cemetery. He noted that they had already buried 97 bodies with others still waiting in morgues.

According to Asitanga: “Today we’re burying six; we’re overwhelmed with the bodies in the various morgues.

“At times we move around town in the night or day time we see people gathered in their numbers very close without observing the national protocol measures but we get sadden that people feel that COVID is not within where they find themselves.”

Asitanga said that they were having a hard time with relatives of people who have died from coronavirus since they flock morgues wanting to pay their last respects. He said that the relatives are never allowed to go near the dead since it would breach the coronavirus guidelines.

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