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COVID-19 cases in Ghana jump to 52

by The Ghana HIT

The government of Ghana has confirmed 25 COVID-19 new cases adding to the previous 27 to make a total of 52. The new cases arose from the 1000 plus people who are currently quarantined in the country.

According to the Ministry of Information:

“Out of the 185 test results received, we have 25 of those quarantined tested positive. If we add on to the earlier number of 27, it means we have 52 people testing positive in our country at the moment. We have deployed psychologists to have chats with them. We are also in the process of handing them over to case management teams we have set up and they have started taking them to isolation centers for treatment.

The ministry added that those who have tested negative of COVID-19 will be held for 14 days and then released if they do not show any symptoms.

Out of the confirmed cases two pepople have passed away.

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