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Criticism Inspire us-Joseph Agbeko

by The Ghana HIT

The former world bantamweight world champion has revealed the greatest inspiration in their career. According to Joseph Agbeko, the insults and criticism they receive from some citizens of Ghana motivate them. He said that boxers are motivated to fight and emerge victorious even at their breakpoint because they fear abuse.

Furthermore, Joseph Agbeko said that Ghanaians usually praise them whenever they emerge victoriously and equally insult them when they are defeated. “When going through tough times in the ring, the only thing that motivates and pushes you for you to be able to get that kill is for you to take your mind back home and think about the people that will insult you if you lose. After you lose, that is when everyone is going to be a coach. When you win, everybody praises you but when you lose, you are unable to take the insults so whenever your mind goes back to Ghana and you are in the ring you give your best because you don’t want to be insulted.”

“Ghana is a tough side when it comes to sport. We don’t think about a lot of things when we are going to fight. The only thing we think about is home and our people so whenever you lose, you can’t sleep. When you lose, you stop thinking of the excuse to give because Ghanaians will bash you,” he stated.

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