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Denzel Dion and His Unapologetic Self

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Denzel is a Ghanaian-American Youtuber with a lot of influence on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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every new york party in 2013 💀

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He was born in New York, Queen in 1997 and has two siblings. Denzel is known for his savage uploads that are very influential among the people in the social networks. His crazy culture has motivated a sense of ‘Dion’ fashion that is gaining popularity. He is loved for promoting diversity in his frequent uploads some of which features his sister.

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He is realistic and funny and it is notable in his uploads that he make unapologetic comments of pop culture of celebrities. He has been able to command hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and other social networks. He shares his opinion on all manner of events and makes fun out of them. His commentary ranges from theory, celebrities, fashion, and conspiracy channels to everything.

He constantly uploads on YouTube and many people identify with his unapologetic, realistic yet funny uploads. Denzel has commanded a big following and all his hilarious savage video are shared widely by his fans. He features other popular celebrities who are like-minded like Rickey Thomson to take his content to the next level. By December 2018, his videos had gone viral, attracting a lot of followers to him. By now, he has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and many other social network followers. 

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