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Dr. Ibrahim Anyars named one of the top CEOs in Ghana

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In a recently conducted survey, Chief Executive Officer of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) Dr. Ibrahim Anyars has been named one of the best CEOs in Ghana.

Nation Builders Corps is also known as NABCO is an initiative introduced by the government of Ghana to provide jobs to unemployed university graduates to solve various social problems in both the private and public sectors and build their skills to promote economic growth in the country.

Dr. Ibrahim Anyar is a living example of a true leader, and under his direction, the program made significant strides.

The NABCO program has benefitted more than 100,000 unemployed graduates. About 11000 graduates have successfully exited from the program and are now employed, whereas some have started their own business. 

The program was developed with a mission to fix the gap between the world of academia and the labor market. And without the hard work of Dr. Ibrahim Anyar, this would not have been possible.

Other best performing CEOs the newspaper mentioned included Akwasi Agyeman, Ghana Tourism Authority; Kingsley Agyemang, Scholarships Secretariat; Yoofi Grant, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre; Kwasi Agyemang Busia, DVLA; Joseph Boahen Aidoo, Ghana Cocoa Board and David Asante, Ghana Publishing Company.

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