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EC has begun paying the 2020 electoral officials’ – Eric Bossman

by The Ghana HIT

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has released cheques for the payment of over 44,000 non-permanent Registration officers whose services were used by the Commission in this year’s voters’ registrations. The Deputy Chairman of the EC in charge of Corporate Services, Dr. Eric Bossman, revealed this following the request for payment by people a few weeks after the end of the registration exercise.

“I want to say that we have released cheques for payment of persons who were employed for this year’s Voter Registration exercise. They will receive their payments by Monday,” said Dr. Bossman in an interview on UTV’s ‘Mpu ne Mpu’.

Some people who participated in the exercise that began from June 30 to August 6, 2020, in an earlier publication, blamed the EC of “woefully inadequate” payment weeks into the beginning of the compilation of a new voter’ register.

The registration officers who have worked for the Commission, for years, have complained about the delayed payment of their allowances which are released months after every exercise.

Speaking about the rising concerns on the delays, Dr. Eric Bossman disclosed that funds will hit the accounts of these people soon as they have released a cheque for payment.

“We engaged over 44,000 persons, we commenced payments on Friday, some of them have issues with their bank account details. All those who haven’t been paid from last year had an issue with their bank details. These issues delay the payments but we are working on them,” he said.

On July 22, the EC issued the accepted rate of payment of its non-permanent registration official in a memorandum released by the Deputy Chairman of the EC.

Every Registration Supervisors was going to be paid each month ¢2,600 for three months, Assistant Registration Supervisors (each month) for three months – ¢2,400, Top Trainers (each month) for two months – ¢2,000, Key Trainers (each month) for two months – ¢2,000, Registration Officer (each day) – ¢90, Registration Officer (Special duties) Each day – ¢90.00, Data Entry Clerks (each day) – 90.00, Laminators (each day) – ¢75.00, Health Professionals (each day) – ¢70.00.

Dr. Bossman also said that EC has also paid all arrears owned officials from the year 2019.

“We have made payment for 2019, I want to state that all those who haven’t received they monies to date have issues with their bank account details. We are rectifying all those challenges; we have contacted the District offices.”

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