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EC to Commence Ballot Paper Printing on the 26th of October

by The Ghana HIT

Following a report released to media houses by the Election Commission of Ghana, October 26 will mark the official commencement of ballot paper printing in preparation for the coming December 7th parliamentary-cum presidential elections. The exercise which will be carried out by seven printing houses will entail ballot paper printing, poll notices, and generally all the required electoral materials

As a requirement prior to the ballot paper printing, the electoral commission is reported to have written to the contesting political parties requesting them to appoint one representative to keep an eye on the entire printing exercise. The commission further required the contesting political parties to forward the details of their representatives in the printing exercise for accreditation purposes before the Monday of October the 26th.

Meanwhile, in the report, the Electoral Commission of Ghana through its Chairperson Jean Mensa has disclosed that only 12 out of the total 17 presidential candidates had so far been cleared to contest in the December 7th polls. Mensa unveiled that the 5 candidates who were disqualified from the presidential race had issues with the IT department besides having presented forged signatures to the commission during the nomination filing exercise.

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