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Epixode Says he will consider joining Free Mason Society.

by The Ghana HIT

Dancehall artiste has clarified that he is not intending to join the Illuminati. Epixode revealed that he is planning to join Free Mason. The musician further said that the ‘Eye of Oris’ in his previous video signifies healing, protection, rejuvenation, rebirth, resurrection, and wholeness.

“What I said was that people saw a sign of Illuminati in my Video and they think it is Illuminati but then it is not Illuminati. It’s actually from Egyptian history and it’s called the Eye of Oris. That is why I’m using this platform to clear that I’ve never said I want to sell my soul. For what? I come from a Christian background and I am a Christian so I’m not selling my soul for anything,” Epixode stated.

“If I get a stage in my life that I feel like it is important in this space, I would consider it. For instance, if I get to go to Harvard and there’s someone among the masons who’s in there, it would be a good connect so for me, it’s not something bad,” he noted.

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