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Exercises that can quickly improve your health

by The Ghana HIT

Exercise is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to have good health. Most people tend to focus on one or two types of exercise and assume that they are doing well. Each exercise has its unique benefits; therefore, it is advisable to tackle all the exercises. Regardless of your age, some activities can meet your health needs.

The four major exercises that can improve your health are:


Cardio is a recurrent exercise which is done continuously. It involves dancing, running, cycling, swimming, and walking. Cardio fortifies the lungs and heart, burns excess calories, improves stamina, and helps lose weight. There are universal rules for the cardio program regardless of your health and fitness goals. You should first consider your fitness level before choosing any cardio program. You can divide your workouts at different day hours and still get the same results.

Balance Exercise

Balance Exercise improves you improves your stability. Even if you do not find any good reason to join balance exercises or you do not have any balance issues, it is advisable to enrol for balance exercises because they are very significant. It is crucial to have balance while ageing before most parts of the body that keep you stable, such as leg muscles and joints, start slowing down. Most health and fitness training centres and gyms offer exercise classes that boost your balance, such as yoga and tai chi. Additionally, you can consult your doctor to determine your balance abilities and recommend the best exercises for your status.

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Strength training

People lose muscle mass while ageing; therefore, strength training is a critical exercise that builds muscles back. Most physical therapists schedule strength training programs that can be achieved within two to three days each week, either at home, at the gym, or work. Strength training involves everyday bodyweight activities such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and other exercises involving resistance from weight, a weight machine or a band. Training frequently improves your self-confidence and helps you achieve daily tasks without problems. Muscle fatigue is a sign that you are making some progress.

Apart from strengthening muscles, Strength training also makes you stronger, stimulates bone growth, helps in weight control, lowers blood sugar, lowers stress and anxiety, reduces pain in the lower back and joints, and improves posture and balance.


Stretching is one of the exercises that sustains your flexibility and improves the range of motion, reducing pain and the risk for injury. Stretching daily makes the muscles longer and more flexible—aging results in the loss of muscles and tendons flexible. The muscles of aged people are very short and do not function accordingly; this raises the risk of muscle pain and cramps, strain, joint pain, failure, and muscle damage. Some daily activities, such as bending to clean clothes or dishes, have to sit while doing these duties.

The best way to stretch is to warm up your muscles and then stretch in a repetitive motion for a few minutes. Through stretching, enough blood and oxygen circulate to the muscles and make them more flexible. The second procedure is to do stretches for different body muscles by staying in one position for one minute.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic is an effective exercise for various body functions. It speeds up the heart and breathing rate and helps them work competently. Some everyday aerobic activities include swimming, cycling, dancing, aerobics classes, and walking. Exercising for two hours each week is enough and can help boost your health status. Aerobics exercise helps supply enough blood to the lungs and heart hence their efficient working.

Additionally, aerobics helps reduce blood pressure, relax vessel walls, burn body calories, reduce inflammation, boost mood, and lower blood sugar levels. Aerobics exercise and weight loss activities can also reduce bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, and lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, depression, falls, and stroke.

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