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Factors contributing to the Improvement of Tourism in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a welcoming, warm, and culturally rich African country full of varied natural resources such as cocoa, gold, and oil. It is a famous tourism centre in West Africa, with parks and gardens, fascinating beaches, historical monuments, and games and wildlife. It is a perfect holiday destination for families, friends, and lovers.
In coordination with the tourism sector, the Ghanaian government is currently working to improve the tourism status in this nation and eliminate all the challenges and failures. The Tourism Ministry is currently working on ensuring that;

Making Tourist Destinations fee more Affordable to many People.

The main reason tourists travel from different regions of the continent to Ghana is the available tourist’s destination sites. They travel to see and explore the famous forts, learn the culture and the history of this nation, enjoy the fantastic tropical climate, and relax and participate in some interesting activities such as hiking the tallest mountains in Ghana. The capes Coast and Elmina castles, the Manhyia palace, the village stilts, the Larabanga mosques, and the Mole and Kakum national park.

To improve the number of tourists visiting Ghana, the authorities have regulated the fees charges at these sites. Making the sites affordable motivates tourists to return in future and also recommend the sites to friends or family who may want to visit. Affordability increases the income, attracts a large number of foreign tourists and even motivates local visitors such as school students and pupils to visit the sites frequently.

Offering Sufficient Modern Facilities near the tourists’ sites.

Before travelling for a holiday to a particular country, most tourists consider the facilities of that nation. To ensure that they fully relax, enjoy and have a great time during their visit, tourists check the facilities of that country first. Sufficient modern facilities in Ghana such as electricity, good roads, good restaurants, and comfortable accommodations are key factors contributing to improved tourism. Most five-star hotels have fast internet networks, ultra-modern swimming pools, security, and well-maintained and clean rooms to ensure comfortable accommodations. Besides, restaurants prepare quality meals in time, both traditional and international. Good facilities boost tourist confidence, hence attracting a large number of tourists to this nation.

Advertising the Tourists Destination

We are living in a fast-developing and competitive world where it is good to advertise and show the world the beauty of Ghanaian tourists’ sites. Currently, there are various ways of promoting tourist attractions, such as writing articles and blogs and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, youtube, and Twitter. Besides, creating websites whose content focus on Ghanaian tourism is another excellent method. Advertising the fascinating destinations in Ghana such as the magnificent hotels, beautiful cultures and history, beautiful gardens, modern facilities, and well-prepared dishes encourages many tourists to include Ghana in the list of their holiday destinations. Advertisements serve as a constant reminder to tourists concerning the beauty of Ghana, which improves the tourism departments and hence improves the incomes and business opportunities.

Renewing and renovating the broken monuments and Tourists sites

Neglecting Monuments and other tourist’s sites may result in the reduction of tourists visiting Ghana. To ensure the number increases each time, the tourism sector renovates the broken monuments and tourist’s spots. Reconditioning makes the attraction sites look new and more attractive to all first-time visitors and the ones visiting for the second time. Fitting the sides with quality facilities such as good roads, restaurants, swimming pools and fast internet gives a better picture to all tourists. Renovating involves painting, repairing all the cracks and dents and taking good care of all abandoned places.

Including tourism in the education curriculum improves the desire of students to visit the tourist’s attraction sites. Engaging the ministry of Education to include trips each term may boost the tourism sector.

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