Home Business Faking it until you achieve it is not the best idea- Yvonne Tamakloe

Faking it until you achieve it is not the best idea- Yvonne Tamakloe

by The Ghana HIT

Yvonne Tamakloe has advised the young generation to avoid the idea that says ‘fake it till you make it.’ According to Yvonne it is not easy to seek assistance when you are faking your way of living. The Top Dog Africa Limited CEO said that faking leads to embarrassment when other people come seeking help from them.

“The thing about faking it is a big problem. I think it strangles you as a young person coming up because it puts you in a corner where you are unable to ask for help. You’ve postured in a certain way that leaves everybody assuming or presuming that you are of certain disposition so even if they were just thinking out of the goodness of their heart of people to help, you will not come up on that list,” Yvonne Tamakloe stated.

Besides, she said, “I feel like that’s a suicide mission. That’s one of the easiest ways to die and I think we displace ourselves a lot by living that fake life or ‘for the gram’ life.”

The Top Dog Africa Limited CEO requested the youth to stay within their lifestyles. According to Yvonne when they live a real lifestyle, they will be able to seek help in tough times and get assisted.

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