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Fella Makafui collapsed during her wedding

by The Ghana HIT

There was a moment of confusion at the most publicized wedding in Ghana between Fella Makafui and Medikal after Fella collapsed while dancing with Makafui.

In a video circulating on social media, @Fellamakafui is seen whispering to Medikal before passing out. Her husband and their security quickly carried her to the car and sped off from the wedding venue. The two returned after around 15 minutes to continue celebrating their union with their family and friends.

However, according to Medikal, it was a prank even though he did not expect it. In an Instagram caption, Medikal wrote that:

“Your prank really got me baby. Lol love you die! I seriously go take Bullet for you. Love you my wife! Today we go sleep morro.”

Here is the video of the drama.

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