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Financial institutions Requested to follow the regulations

by The Ghana HIT

Most Reverend Gabriel Yaw Anokye, the Catholic Archbishop of Kumasi, has requested all financial institutions to strictly follow the rules and regulations given by the Bank of Ghana to guide their operations.

Gabriel Yaw said that to protect the institutions and their customers these rules were set. He insisted that the businesses must work under the given rules because of their client’s safety and their too. He requested the financial institutions to set good foundations to ensure that their other organizations succussed.

Speaking to the management and the participants at the event he said “Like what the psalmist said, if foundations are not well-laid, no amount of prayer or fasting or whatsoever can amend the damages; therefore, our financial institutions need to go by the laid down procedures from Central Bank in all activities to avoid any inconveniences.”

Catholic Archbishop of Kumasi, called the inauguration of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi Cooperative Society to develop St John of the Cross Parish, Kronum in the Suame Municipality. He gave an assurance to the public that the Cooperative has the required foundation to ensure that is growing and sustainable.

He asked the Government to offer the required support to churches and other non-public institutions putting effort to open up businesses to increase the employed levels in the country.

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