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Five emerging tech trends that you should learn in 2022

by The Ghana HIT

Low-carbon shipping

Low-carbon shipping is among the latest tech trends. A large percentage of road transport fleets no longer release any emissions. Besides, a large number of cargo is usually transported through the water and therefore, this has resulted in low-carbon emissions.

The trend involves the use of carbon dioxide emission-free passengers, expansion of substitute shipping fuels such as green ammonia, and the production of carbon-free gas through renewable energy. This is a technology that makes the environment less populated and more favorable to most people.

The biggest challenge with this trend is that most people in the energy sector have not fully implemented it. The other difficulties around this trend are political and that most trends initiatives demand large portions of capital investment. According to transport manufacturers, Coradia iLint is the first hydrogen fuel-cell passenger train across the globe.
Self-fertilizing crops

Fertilizer is composed of around one hundred and ten million tonnes of nitrogen. Each year fertilizer is used in the worldwide production of various crops. Fertilizer emits around one percent to two percent of carbon dioxide emissions which is dangerous for the environment.

Some plants from the leguminous family, like beans, peas, lentils, and soy, currently rely on an advanced way to produce their own nitrogen. This means that they can self-fertilize themselves without depending on the common means of fertilization. Researchers anticipate introducing other crops, such as corn and cereals, to self-fertilization.

3D-printed houses

Construction materials such as sand, concrete and plastics are slowly losing fame as the 3D-printed houses take over. The lack of infrastructure to transport these materials has contributed to the use of 3D printing in remote and other regions where its impact is recognized.

It is a comparatively simple and cheap construction method in modern days. A large number of people are choosing technology over the traditional ways.

This technique will fully take over when more companies follow what the Italian 3D printing company has demonstrated so far on how to print housing components using locally available materials such as clay soil.


According to the global news and information service company, cryptocurrencies are improving from the bounds of finance to the typical finance. The first country to make bitcoin the original and most famous cryptocurrency legal tender in September 2021 is El Salvado in Central America. Additionally, other countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Canada are planning to own their digital currencies.

Using very powerful computer systems for new cryptocurrencies is not good for the environment. According to some technology professionals, proper regulation of the new crypto will become a more maintainable authorized tender of the future.

Although not everyone is not embracing this technology, a large number of people are adapting to this trend. So far, some countries have already prohibited the use of Cryptocurrency due to some possible risks and fraud linked to it. These countries include Bangladesh, China, Morocco, Egypt, and Qatar.


Metaverse is among the newest catchwords in technology. It is just a virtual world created by merging different technologies, virtual and augmented reality. Metaverse does not yet exist, but large companies like Facebook are planning to implement it to be somewhere people can work, meet, study, shop, and play. People can buy virtual goods and services with actual money.

Statistics indicate that extended reality will ensure the evolution of the internet and shape both digital and physical life. There are various job opportunities associated with metaverse, but the common ones include metaverse research scientists and customized avatar creators.

Learning the emerging technology trends will help you stay relevant. You will be able to look at the future and plan appropriately. Besides, you will be able to beware of the required skills and learn them. Most people are learning new techniques and trends so as to fit in the changing world.

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