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GAFFER interviews King of Afro Dancehall, Stonebwoy

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Stonebwoy, a self-confessed founding father of Afro Dancehall, has the power of words and qualities that make him a true influencer in the world of music in 2019. GAFFER interviewed him in London where he gave purposeful answers to all the questions posed by Tom Everest. He talked about his personal challenges, dream-chasing, and legacy-making. He said, “No one will be able to forget me, because my name is going to be there in front of their eyes.”

The interviewer asked him, “What is your first creative memory?” He replied, “Way way back when I was in primary school, I created a song that acted as a campaign to raise awareness of HIV. I wrote a poem and we acted it out at the school’s anniversary.” When asked where did he think he got his drive from, Stonebwoy replied, “I have an in-born drive and determination.”

During the interview Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Etse Satekla shared that he’s had a tough life journey, and is proud of what he has accomplished so far. He said, “I am just so happy that I never gave up.” he shared that he had suffered a car accident injury at the age of 13, and had the final surgery on his leg in 2016 where his knee was replaced. There were times when the leg pain was so unbearable but continued until completing his daily goals, never succumbing to the pain. 

Stonebwoy and Wife, Louisa Ansong.

Stonebwoy believes that music is a way to tell people’s stories to the world. He called himself a leader of a new music revolution. Stonebwoy said, “When you move like a follower there are things that you don’t really care about because you’re waiting on the leader to dictate. You’re waiting on the leader to go through the struggles to carve the path. I love to carve paths. Make a move, make mistakes, lean and keep on moving. I’m the leader.” Stonebwoy said that he wants to be remembered as someone who never gave up. 

Although he was born in Ashaiman in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, he mentioned that London is a special place for him because it’s rich in black history and culture, “This city gives me a lot of energy, it gives me a lot of joy and a desire to grow the music.” He urges that “Musicians have to realise that glory still has to be sent to our ancestors.  People have made even bigger sacrifices than what we’re doing today.”

Stonebwoy, 31, 28-time award winning Ghanaian Afro-pop, dancehall and reggae artists as well as a Grammy Nominee lives his life by “Blessings on blessings. Principles. Struggles. Firm and strong. Strength and hope. Don’t give up. You are what you are for a reason, make the best out of it. Don’t look at nobody and try to be them. No envy, no greed. Stand and protect your own and you’ll find your own path.”

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