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Ghanaian Youth TV Shows that are worth your time.

by The Ghana HIT

Generally, youth Tv shows are very interesting, lively, informative, entertaining, and educative to young people. Technology is evolving every day, and it is much easier to stream all the shows on most online platforms at a small cost or for free. YouTube is one of the leading platforms where you can stream most shows based on any topic that interests you. YouTube meets the desires of all people regardless of their needs. Showmax is an entertainment platform where you can find some of the leading shows in the country. Besides, you can also watch some shows on Netflix.

Ghanaian youth are doing some good work by filming exciting shows that have so far attracted large viewership. Youth Themed TV series movies relate to young people, and you can watch them whenever you feel bored. The leading youth movies in Ghana include;


The Yolo Tv show is a film that shows how young people are currently growing up in modern society. The world has changed, and the current generation is trying to adapt to all these changes. It is an interesting generation that is growing mid of so many challenges. Currently, people spend so much time in school and a little time at home. Besides, unlike the previous generations, they have wide exposure to technology and lots of information. Yolo is an informative, entertaining, and educative Tv series that aims at giving moral lessons to young people. Peers have a considerable impact on the life of their age-mates, and due to peer pressure, most youths are living a fake life and are trying to fit into certain classes of people.

What’s UP

What’s up features six young adults who met on various social media platforms. This series indicates the significance of social media in modern society and how the platforms can easily link up people from various parts of the continent. What’s up series shows the acceptance of social media by the youth and how friendships are created through online platforms. What’s up is an educative show written and directed by Horla Manuvor Jnr.

Guy Guy

Guy Guy is an interesting comedy-drama that features some famous Ghanaian actors and actresses. The shows are filmed to be watched by all ages, that is, children, parents, and grandparents. It is an educative series with inspiring episodes that are well-acted by the best celebrities in Ghana. The major aim of this is to indicate the lifestyle of the Ghanaian youth and how they handle varied, challenging societal issues. The youth are currently facing many challenges that are somehow difficult to deal with; this show offers a solution to these problems. It is a refreshing show that is worth your time.

Shatta Girls.

Shatta girls is a famous youth series that features three bad girls who unite and live as friends. These girls are always making wrong decisions and do care what society thinks about them. They live reckless lives, and they are not concerned about the future. It is a very interesting show that is worth your time.

NO Lie

No lie is a film that revolves around life on campus. How different students behave while on campus. The YouTube-based series was produced by video Ghana corporation with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST. The entire series was filmed at KNUST Campus. It is worth your time, especially if you are anticipating joining the university in the future.

There are so many youth-based movies suitable for all young people, so you should create time and watch if you have not yet watched any of these shows.

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