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Ghana’s ambassador to the US tours A1 Bakery in New York

by The Ghana HIT

The Ambassador of Ghana in the US, His Excellency Baffour Adjei Bawuah, was very happy with Boateng’s Obeng efforts after recently touring his bakery in New York. Obeng is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of A1 Bakery.

According to Baffour Adjei, Boateng’s success in New York has motivated him to cement his brand outside the shores of Ghana. A1 Bakery has various branches in Accra and Ashanti Regional capital.

“I certainly had a wonderful experience today because this youngster has managed to move his business from Ghana to the United States and he’s doing well,” Mr. Bawuah stated.

“I do believe that the future belongs to people like him, in terms of ideas and longevity of life, to do something to support the whole dream of Ghana that we would develop a self-sustaining economy. The world has always taken us; we would want to take the world,” the Ambassador asserted.

The Ambassador expounded that the success of such businesses would lower unemployment, shape the fortunes of Ghana, and foster development. From the A1 Bakery begun its operations, 1000 young people have gotten jobs. He, therefore, insisted that the local banks should support the businesses of Ghana

“I do believe that what is going to be necessary is for our young entrepreneurs to put their feet out and also get the local banks to support this kind of entrepreneurship. I do hope that with Ghana bread gaining a lot of space in the States, other entrepreneurs will also come on board and emulate what A1 Bread is doing,” the Ambassador uttered and further proclaimed “that will improve the relationship between Ghana and the United States.”

The Head of Marketing and Sales of A1 Bakery, Edward Nana Poku Osei, described the diplomat’s decision to visit them as “incredible”. While speaking Edward Nana stated, “We were very pleased to see him. The fact that he was able to make this journey from Washington to New York just for my boss and partner, we think that we are blessed.”

Edward Nana divulged that the goal of the firm is to become a force to reckon with both nationally and globally, therefore, it was imperative to expand the market base.

“You can’t say you’re international when you go out there and sell to only your people. It is just you being comfortable in your skin and we think that we need to show our culture to others,” he asserted.

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