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‘How Parliament works in Ghana’, a book launched by Emmanuel Kwasi Mantey

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Emmanuel Kwasi Mantey, a hospitality management consultant, has launched a book titled ‘How Parliament works in Ghana’. The book has 117 pages and it teaches the readers how the parliamentary practices are done in the Parliament of Ghana. The book is written by Harrison Kofi Belley, the Acting Head of the Governance Studies Department of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College.

The book constitutes six chapters which enhances the knowledge of the readers about the history, evolution, and working of the Ghanaian Parliament. Belley said, “The first chapter looks at the evolution and overview of the Parliament of Ghana.” He added that the subsections of the first chapter discuss the transition and overview of the fourth republican Parliament.

Belley told that the second chapter discussed the functionalities of the Parliament and selection of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Majority, Minority head, Chief Whips, and the Parliament Clerk. He said that the third chapter of the book discusses the parliamentary practices, sessions, and standing orders. He also said that the third chapter constituted the calendar of the Parliament and meetings and sittings details.   

Belley said that he discussed the budget process, lawmaking, and other functionalities in the fourth chapter of the book. He said,“The book provides information on the parliamentary services in the fourth republic of Ghana.” The Parliament of Ghana has five divisions in terms of its services. Belley discussed these divisions in detail in ‘How Parliament works in Ghana’.

It is a complete package for the readers who are interested in knowing the history, evolution, and functionality of the Parliament of Ghana. The book covers almost every aspect of the Parliament. It is worth reading material for the people of Ghana.

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