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How to Attract New Customers to a small business

by The Ghana HIT

Take advantage of online rating and review sites

Most customers usually check online ratings and review sites before making any order or purchase from a company they have never dealt with. Always ensure that you monitor all online sites and reply to any complaints from your customers. Please take advantage of all the positive reviews by connecting to them on your website. Positive reviews are compelling and can serve as a tool to motivate new customers to shop with you for the first time. Always request new customers to leave a review after shopping with you.

Introduce Discounts and Promotions

Most customers in today’s world are attracted to businesses that offer discounts and promotions. Values and ideals motivate customers to buy from specific companies. Introductory discounts, special offers such as buy three get one free, and free gifts attract new customers. To improve customers’ loyalty, it is good to check what they buy and the offers they like so that you can improve the targets for future profits.

Ask for referrals

As soon as your business gets some loyal customers, you can ask them for referrals because they are the ideal source of new customers. You cannot assume that they will refer their workmates, family, and friends to your business, but instead, come up with an excellent approach to dynamically ask for referrals from them.

Create referral-generating criteria for your business, such as sending follow-up messages to ensure that customers are satisfied with your products. After confirming that they are satisfied, send them emails to request to refer their friends to your businesses.

Recontact Old Customers

Having a contact list for all your customers helps you analyze and determine the customers who have not been shopping from you for a while. Select all the customers who have not shopped with you for three months and contact them. Additionally, you can market your new products, and tell old customers about all the discounts and all promotions of your business. You can reach them out through direct mails, emails, and texts with ‘We miss you’ message.

Partner with Complementary Businesses

Partnering with matching businesses that are not directly competitive but have similar customers. This involves developing strategies on how to market one another’s customers without spending any money. For example, if you deal with drinks, you can partner with a business that sells fast food or a restaurant to market each other company.

Participate in Local communal Events

Statistics reveal that a lot of people like supporting local and independent businesses. You can improve the popularity of your business by attending charity events and organizations. Besides, you can sponsor a local fun run, organize fully funded events for young people, or even support local movements. All these improve the way local see you and hence attracts more customers to your business.

Promote your expertise

Promoting your industry expertise can quickly generate customers interest, attract new customers, and generate more sales from your existing customers. Offering to speak on business panels, giving a webinar, speaking at business events, or speaking to people to whom your target audience belongs, and holding educational sessions is one of the best ways to make a good impression on your potential customers. This is a great technique that favors business-to-business owners.

Create an attractive Business Website

Get a good design for your e-commerce websites and always update them frequently. So many graphics can slow your website’s speed and discourage customers from visiting it often. Online search is the leading way for consumers and business buyers to find new businesses.


Meeting new people and telling them who you are and what you do is one of the best ways to create awareness of your new business. Another way of networking includes joining networking firms, trade associations, attending meetup events and business commerce. Always ask yourself how you can help before thinking about the profit. Networking is the easiest way to reach a large number of customers through middlemen.

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