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How to Explore Ghana at a Cheaper Rate

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a budget-friendly destination in Africa with fantastic tourist attraction sites. Although seasons determines the charges of accessing some attraction sites, there are several ways to save money whenever travelling to Ghana.
Join a Group tour when exploring regions outside the main cities

Group tours allow tourists to visit areas outside the great Accra at cheaper costs than travelling alone. Joint tours normally cater for accommodations, transportation, food and a professional photographer. It is easier to make new friends by joining a group tour and enjoy to the maximum.

The Famous group tour destinations include Eastern Ghana, where Boti Waterfall and Aburi Botanical gardens are the major attractions. Besides, Cape coast is a prominent destination with beautiful fortresses where imprisoned slaves were held. Several well-known travel companies organize trips.

Take meals from Local chop bars.

Local chop bars are affordable food spots. Ghanaian streets and local chop bars are known for serving delicious and freshly prepared meals. Meatless, soup-based meals are cheaper compared to meaty meals. The standard price of street dishes served with meat range from $1.50 to $2.85, while a meatless meal can cost $0.50 to $1.0.

Reside in Hostels instead of Hotels.

Hostel accommodations exist in Ghana, but most visitors are not aware of their existence because they are not commonly advertised. Hostel charges usually range between $40 to $60 per night, but this price can hike depending on the season. Most hostels are well-maintained with unique features such as free wi-fi, pool access, and many more. You can book a hostel on arrival or even book in advance.

Instead of Ubers and Bolt rides, use public means.

Ubers and Bolt riders are more expensive compared to public means of transport. Using buses may be slow, but it is cheap to get around Ghana. Although it is more convenient to explore many regions using Uber and Bolts, the charges are higher compared to using the bus. Buses operate throughout the day and have set fares as low as C3 for half an hour.

Avoid travelling to Ghana during the Peak Season.

Although there are many exciting things to do during the peak season, things are very expensive. December is a perfect time to travel to Ghana because of the endless festivities across the country. Many Ghanaians living in foreign nations and other tourists travel to Ghana in December to have fun by attending festivals, parties, and other events. Many travel organizations, accommodations, restaurants, and bars take advantage and add more prices. Travelling during the off-peak season means less busy times, making things cheaper.

Book Flight in advance

Do not wait to book your flight at the last minute because it can be expensive. It is advisable to purchase a flight ticket to Ghana four months in advance to get the best deals.

Explore paid attractions and free ones.

Tourist attractions in Ghana are free or paid. The paid ones can either be accessible at a low cost or can be tip-based. Some well-known attraction sites, especially historical ones, are entirely free to visit. Although most attractions in Ghana have a fixed fee, other sites keep changing their charges depending on the season. The famous Kakum national park charges $8.57 for all foreign visitors. Most free attractions accept tips for tour guides.

Withdraw Money from one Point.

The people of Ghana mainly use cash for most of their transactions. When visiting Ghana, changing your money to Ghanaian currency is advisable to avoid inconveniences. Besides, withdraw cash from one ATM transaction to avoid high withdrawal fees. You can withdraw up to 100 or even more depending on your means of transport and other things.

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