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How to make Your Videos appear Professional

by The Ghana HIT

Coming up with a professional video that amazes your target audience is a straightforward process that does not rely on your tools. Making your video appear professional only relies on your techniques, but it requires a lot of detail and attention to some aspects. Some of the key elements include;

1. Shooting the video in a place plenty of Light

Lighting is one of the leading priorities when filming, and it determines the quality of the final video. A video looks sub-standard when shot in a place with no well-placed light, no matter how great the video is in other aspects.

Natural light such as the sun is one of the best sources of light when shooting a video. The ideal time to get your footage when shooting in natural light is in the morning and evening when the light is soft. Midday light can result in severe shadows on your subjects except on cloudy days or when shooting in a sheltered area.

When filming indoors, it is advisable to be careful about the choice of the artificial lights and where to place them. Lamplight is a great artificial light to use when filming indoors. Overhead lighting can result in unflattering shadows on your objects’ faces. The effect you want to create in your final video is the first thing to consider before setting up your light sources. If you intend to use flat light in your video, it is advisable to balance two light sources on each side of the camera. You can place them in front or behind the camera.

2. Film in a clean Background

Always be cautious about the background you film your videos. Shooting a video in a clean background makes your video appear professional, while a messy environment makes your final video look unprofessional.

A solid-colored background is one of the top professional backgrounds to use. Some ideal options for solid backgrounds include a bedsheet, a huge sheet of backdrop paper, or a wall. Always ensure that your subjects are a few meters away from the backdrop to eliminate shows in your video.

Besides, your actual work environment or where you spend most of your time can be a perfect background for any professional video. Filming with a reflective surface such as a window in the background can unintentionally catch the camera in the reflection and make the subject appear dark and shadowy.

3. Avoid Wobbly Footage

Shaky footage makes videos appear unprofessional and also demotivates your audience from viewing. It is not easy to hold a camera entirely steady; therefore, it is advisable not to hold your camera at all but rather set it on a sturdy surface or use a stand.

After setting your camera, try as much as possible not to move it unless it is a must. To avoid moving the camera, you can just cut from one shot to another whenever you want to change the perspective. Besides, a camera with built-in stabilization helps solve any shakiness in your video.

If the video turns out wobbly despite your best efforts, you can try using video stabilization software to fix it after filming. Slowing down your footage helps in reducing the level of shakiness.

4. Prioritize a clear Audio

The quality of your audio is more significant than the quality of your video. People consider watching low-quality videos so long as all the other things about the video are great. Blurry audio is a demotivating factor that makes people easily dislike a video.

Since the quality of audio matters so much, investing in a good microphone is the first thing to do before filming any video. Always go for the best quality microphone if you want a great one to last and acquire the best audio and video.

Placing the microphone near the subjects helps you capture clear and quality audio. Always be cautious of any background noise your microphone might record during your filming. A pop filter removes any glitches and crackles on the final recording.

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