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How Tourism Providers Operate in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Are you planning to take a vacation to Ghana this year? Are you wondering are the perfect Ghana tour operators? What are your expectations and top considerations? Ghana has quality providers who can march all your budgets and meet all your expectations.

A tourism service provider could be the sole operator the government authorizes to run tourism-related businesses. It could be supplying tourism services, either single or comprehensive packages to tourists.
The leading roles of tour operators include planning, development, promotion, administration, and implementation of tourism products. They oversee the daily objectives and goals and manage, motivate, and train staff. They work for transportation companies, resorts, or attractions.

The Ghanaian tourism sector has expanded rapidly over the last five years. Tourism plays a crucial role in the development of Ghana by creating employment and promoting economic growth. The leading tourism providers in Ghana include restaurants, hotels, clubs, and many others. Most providers organize fairs that favor their businesses.

Tourism providers must get a license from the Ghana Tourism Authority. It is somehow challenging to meet all the Ghana Tourism Authority regulatory requirements despite all the opportunities being lucrative and impressive. It is necessary to fill in all the requirements to avoid attracting negative publicity and other fines.

Tourism providers must pay all the applicable taxes or close up their businesses. Tourism tax stands at one percent and is a significant income source for the Tourism Development Fund and other key organizations. The Ghana Tourism Authority closes up all businesses that pay the required tax. Most businesses face severe sanctions from the national government, so it is advisable to stay current with the tourism levy.

Despite foreign currencies having higher purchasing power, Ghanaian tourism providers prefer the local currency. Ghanaian business law does not allow people to pay for commodities or services using other foreign currencies without official permission from the Bank of Ghana. Beware that when visiting Ghana, you should price like Ghanaians; failure to comply with this can land you in serious trouble. The National Bank authorizes many businesses to convert foreign currencies to Ghanaian currency to avoid inconveniencing tourists.

Accommodation residences are subject to tax, and landlords should be aware of this tax. Residential owners should pay a minimum of 8% of the income received from rent. The Rent Tax digital application is meant to capture the details, including their names and the location. This helps the Ghana Revenue Authority identify whether a property is being rented; hence it is difficult for landlords to evade tax.

There is no entry or access to key services without the Covid-19 vaccine certificate. It is a must for everyone attending public ceremonies or going to eateries to show proof of their vaccination. The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture issued a serious warning to all tourism providers not to allow people into their premises without being vaccinated. It is difficult to cross the border without a vaccination certificate.

To regulate the running of tourist sites such as waterfalls, beaches, and national parks, the Ghanaian Government, in coordination with the Tourism Ministry, launched tourist site regulations to ensure that these sites remain productive. Additionally, the Tourism Authority has been holding training to educate tourism providers to ensure that those sites are well maintained to increase the efficiency of operating the site. This requirement ensures that the site remains in good conditions and tourists can have maximum fun and comfort whenever they visit. Tourism providers are of great importance and significance in the tourism industry. The tourism industry has so far benefitted from their great services in Ghana. It is advisable to seek tourism providers’ guidance when visiting Ghana.

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