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I prefer fame over money – Nana Kwame Ampadu

by The Ghana HIT

Highlife musician, Nana Kwame Ampadu has Revealed that he prefers fame over money. During an interview with Nana Kwame said “Some people came to the world for money and others for fame. But I’ll always choose fame over money”.

He said that his name reputation is more significant to him compared to money. Replying to why he did not want more money he answered, “I’m not rich. Unfortunately for me, God didn’t bless me with riches…” Besides, the legend gave thanks to Yahweh for his provision. “I thank God I don’t beg to eat.”

Furthermore, he said that due to his good name and reputation, his children are proud and happy of him as a father. “At the mention of my name as their father, some people sometimes give them gifts. If I was rich, proud, and arrogant, I doubt people will do all these things for them” he said. The highlife musician believes that a good reputation can take you places that riches can’t.

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