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Ideal Places for Weekend Retreats in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Do you like spending your weekends away from the town while on holiday? If yes, this article tackles the best places for retreats in Ghana where you can spend your weekend.

Aqua Safari

Aqua Safari Resort (Ada, Ghana), Ada hotel discounts | Hotels.com

Aqua Safari is among the fascinating areas you can go to for Weekend retreats while in Ghana. It is a great place where you can have some exciting memories with your loved ones. All the tourist attractions in this place are well-positioned and provide a great connection from beautiful sceneries to wildlife to crocodile island to a beautiful beach where you can watch whales. The Aqua Safari offers great water sports activities for different age sets depending on what you want, either relaxing or participating in special activities. Besides, they have a restaurant where you and your friends can get meals.

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Ada has fascinating beach resorts, amazing cuisine, and a lot of things to see and do. It is a cool place for weekend retreats. Ada’s environment and calmness give various reasons why you should dedicate your weekends to just relaxation. There are palms along the beaches where the Volta River grips the warmness of the Atlantic Ocean. Sangor Lagoon bird habitation is just a few meters from the Marine turtle’s breed along the seafront. The 1800 Danish Fort Kongenstein is located at Ada for all those who love exploring the History of Ghana. It’s only in Ada where you can find the Old Presbyterian Church near the 1900 Missionary Cemetery.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast 2021: Best of Cape Coast, Ghana Tourism - Tripadvisor

There are several ancient buildings of the Dutch, Portuguese, British, Swedish, and Danish along the Ghanaian coast. From Cape Coast to Elmina is around thirty minutes car ride and the daily temperatures are normally constant 30 degrees Celsius during the day and 27 degrees at night. Generally, fishing along the shoreline is organized. The outstanding forest reserve of the Kakum National Park is situated within this area, and it’s a great place to spend your weekend. The International Stingless Bee Centre is located here, and it is advisable to visit it before the weekend begins.


Tamale is among the fastest developing cities in Ghana. The city has various residents who are involved in agricultural and commercial activities. During the weekends, live bands and dancers perform at the Centre for National Culture’s stalls. The stalls are decorated with hand-crafted instruments and objects. This city has an ancient mosque, which draws a good picture of the 14th century. The entire weekend is enough for you to explore the city and other local Kraal structures with the conical straw roofs to the east.

Kumasi and Volta

Kumasi is a significant center in Ghana and a famous tourist attraction site. It is among the best places in Ghana for retreats. A trotro ride from Kumasi takes you to the largest Kente village Bonwire. The National Cultural Centre hosts exciting crafts, dances, and presentation workshops during the weekends to entertain the tourists. History lovers can spend their time at the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum or the Manhyia palace. Volta is an amazing place to spend your weekend. It has various waterfalls and great hiking places.

Kukuo Pottery Village

The Kukuo Pottery Village is situated in the Northern Region of Tamale city. It is a largely-populated village, which is a significant pottery center in Ghana. The Kukuo pottery industry is a key part of the artifact market. It is an important tourist attraction site in Ghana. The locals from this village, especially the women, have worked hard to ensure that the pottery business flourishes.

Oasis Beach Resort

Most tourists like spending their weekends soaking their feet at the Cape Coast beachfront sands. Oasis Beach Resort plays amazing music, and its restaurant serves some international Cuisine means and Cocktails. There is a nightclub to keep where weekend parties are held to keep you fully entertained over the night and make your weekend more exciting. It is an amazing weekend zone with spirited drummers, dancers, acrobats.

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