Home Business Insulting Net2 TV Staff shows that you are not competent.

Insulting Net2 TV Staff shows that you are not competent.

by The Ghana HIT

Nana Yaw Wiredu told Kennedy Agyapong that insulting his staff shows that he is not a competent leader. “I think his commentary on that issue is laughable and he was exposing himself as an incompetent person. You were on TV as a guest; speak as a guest. When you get off the set, you become the owner of the business, approach management,” Nana said.

Kennedy owns Net2 TV Staff and he recently insulted his employees for planning to play adverts for a very long period. The staff had agreed to play adverts for about fifteen minutes.

Kennedy Agyapong described his staff’s decisions as nonsense. He further threaten to dismiss the managers of the channel. “What you just did is bogus. How can you think I could be here and manage everything when people here have been tasked to? What you just did, are you managers? You just did a foolish program. It’s stupid on your part,” he stated.

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