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Joyce Blessing “I am the best female performer in Ghana”

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Gospel  Artist, Joyce Blessing has sparked some controversy as she has labeled herself “the best female performer in Ghana.” According to Joyce, her stage performances over the years are the real proof of her hard work. 

Blessing stated “I know some Ghanaians will say I am blowing my own horn, but it is a fact. I am the best when it comes to rocking the stage, and no female artist can contest me. I can perform for hours and sing any song that comes to mind, be it Highlife or Dancehall, and that makes my performance interesting all the time. I always want to entertain the audience who spend their hard-earned money to come for a show. I don’t want my fans to get disappointed with any of my performances.”

She praised her talent by saying that she has never disappointed at any event, mainly because she has the confidence and charms to excite the crowd with her performances. Blessing firmly believes that no other female artist has the potential to replace her.

Check out some of her work and decide if you agree or not. 

Thanks to Robphotography.net for the great pictures from Joyce Blessing’s Doxazo Concert.

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