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Kelvin-Prince Boateng stepping up his fight against racism

by The Ghana HIT

Black stars forward Kelvin-Prince Boateng who has been a victim of racism has said that he will step up his efforts to fight racism. His statement comes days after George Floyd was choked to death by police officers. Boateng said that he will be the Mohamed Ali of the war against racism.

Speaking to sky sports Boateng noted that: “It is a difficult situation. Other than being sad, I am angry. It just hurts always coming back to the same feeling. It’s very difficult for me right now,” Boateng told Sky Sports.

“[Completing a potential move to the USA to play in MLS] wouldn’t change a thing. I would be the same person. I would fight the same because I’m numb now. It hurts me but it doesn’t touch me now, I’m strong enough to deal with it.

“Maybe that would be the perfect thing for me to play there right now – to make a statement to give something back to show the people that I’m on the frontline, that I will be your front guy – I will be your Muhammad Ali.

“He always said ‘I will be there, I’m more than a boxer’. I want to be more than a boxer. There are a hundred players better than me, faster than me, I will fight for something bigger.

“Even if I change two minds, three, one hundred – that’s in my power. America, Germany, Italy, France, England – everywhere there is racism so it doesn’t matter where I play. I will always play for the right thing.”

“I saw Liverpool kneeling and that is a good start to show that they are with us. In general what is football doing? Not a lot. An advert on television or a banner when the teams walk onto the pitch [is not enough]. It’s already late but it’s never too late, we just have to wake up.

“There’s always a little chain – we have to start to believe in what we are doing. People say it was a friendly game, but I didn’t care in that moment because it was something bigger inside of me. It wasn’t about the game. Even if it was a Champions League game I would have walked off”.

Boateng went ahead to ask teams to be at the forefront to change the world. He asked for big measures to be put in place to ensure that racism comes to an end.

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