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Madagascar is using an herbal drug to treat COVID-19

by The Ghana HIT

For the past 5 months coronavirus has shaken the world with all the leading scientists rushing to find its cure. The virus has claimed more than 200,000 lives since it was reported in China last year. However, one African country seems to have known how to deal with the pandemic. Madagascar is using an herbal drug to deal with coronavirus and it seems to be working.

Madagascar has recorded 149 coronavirus cases. On the 149, 99 have fully recovered leaving only 50 active cases. The country has not recorded any death from the deadly virus. The herbal drug was launched by the country’s president. It’s an herbal tea with the name COVID-Organics.

During the launch, the president noted that all trials had been conducted and proven that it could treat the virus. The World Health Organization has however said that there is no proof that the herbal drug cures the virus.

Many African countries are working on their own remedies with Nigeria reporting that it is close to getting a vaccine for the deadly virus. Ghana is working on testing solutions. Currently, Ghana is using drones to transport samples for testing to ensure that results are delivered on time.

Ghana’s president has also extended the closure of its borders for another month noting that almost all coronavirus cases in the country were either imported or contacts of those people. Ghana is currently among the six countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases in Africa.

Initially, the government had put in place curfews for the highest hit areas but later lifted the curfew. The most affected areas include Accra, Kumasi, and Tema. Ghana has so far recorded 2,719 cases of the virus with 18 deaths. The total number of people who have recovered from the deadly virus is not at 253.

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