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Meet Kelvin Amaniampong, a 14 Year boy who invented Scrolbooks

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Kelvin Amaniampong has come up with an innovative idea that can save Free SHS policy ¢4m annually. 

While other teens may be focused on other things, like hanging out with friends,  Kelvin has been busy fixing problems with Ghana’s Free Education system.

14 year old, Kelvin a Science Student Ghana Senior High School, Koforidua noticed how his education was becoming ineffective, though his education is free. Kelvin’s first semester in high school was not so successful as he didn’t have access to textbooks/ material to complete work assignments and little to no guidance. 

Kelvin comes from a poor background and is part of The Free SHS (Free Senior High School) policy. Such policy is an initiative introduced by President Nana Akuffo-Addo in September 2017. This policy provides free tuition, admission fee, textbooks, library fees, science center fees, fees for ICT, examination fee, payment of utility fee, boarding and meals to those who qualify. 

Although this initiative aids thousands of families who can’t afford school for their children, it has become challenging to manage mainly due to a shortage of teaching staff and textbooks, and Ghana’s population!

A big solution by Kelvin:

“My inability to purchase all the required textbooks for my senior high education motivated me to design Scrolbooks.”- Kelvin

Scrolbooks is a web app that aims to provide 100% FREE (digital) textbooks as well as past questions and answers based on the GES syllabus to all Ghanaian students at any educational level especially JHS and SHS students. This goes beyond the government’s decision to print free WASSCE PASCOs for students. Read more here: https://scrolbooks.com/about-us/

Scrolbooks can be accessed on any internet device- Mobile phones, PCs or laptops, and tablets.

One factor that inspired Kelvin to design Scrolbooks was the effort of the government to introduce free internet in high schools. This will save millions of Cedis of both parents and the government that would have been used to print books.

Support Kelvin’s cause here- https://scrolbooks.com/support-scrolbooks/

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