Home Politics ‘Money cannot control us but we needed help’-John Abdulai.

‘Money cannot control us but we needed help’-John Abdulai.

by The Ghana HIT

Honorable John Abdulai has revealed that money cannot control them, but they were in need of help. Speaking during a confusing event over the approval of Ministers-elected emphasized that they were helpless. Various NDC members were not happy and publicly blamed their MP’s for accepting bribes before approving NPP ministers. According to the NDC, the ministers were not qualified to be approved after their vetting.

Sammy Gyamfi accused Speaker Alban Sumana Bagbin, Mohammed Muntaka, and Haruna Iddrisu of superintending the approval of the narrow-minded interest. While responding to Sammy Gyamfi’s post, Honorable John Abdulai said, “Money can never influence some of us but we were helpless. Every nominee you suggested for target, someone from within us was ready to canvass why he or she should be passed.”

“The problem is that there is too much-vested interest in Parliament. Almost every NDC MP had a particular candidate who he/she thought should be shielded. Almost every nominee had a certain support base from within the NDC caucus; Tribal, friendship, business, regional and regional alliance,” he stated.

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