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Natural Scenic Attractions in Ghana

by The Ghana HIT

Ghana is a beautiful nation with various natural scenic regions that attract tourists from various parts of the world. The Top scenic attractions include Forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, and escarpments are among the scenic points.


Semi-deciduous and evergreen forests cover the southwest region of Ghana because it receives a lot of rain throughout the year. Ghana is home to great rainforests, for instance, the Ankasa Protected Area and Amansuri wetlands. Amansuri wetlands is the largest swamp forest that can only be explored using a boat. Bia National Park is a remote forest and the only home to the last stands of virgin forest. There are a couple of tallest trees in west Africa in Bia National Park, and despite attracting many tourists, it is not accessible in rainy seasons. Besides, there are other forests along the way between Accra and Kumasi at Dodowa that attracts tourists.


Ghana has many appealing beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the beaches are well-maintained and attractive to relax when visiting Ghana. A couple of tourists specifically travel to bask and relax at the scenic beaches of Ghana. A large number of fishermen go fishing on these beaches, and therefore visitors can lease their canoes to ride. There are a couple of things that you can do besides relaxing on the sunbed, such as surfing, swimming, and fishing, among others. The Beaches on the hillside offer lovely views of the neighboring areas from the comfort of your room or balcony.

Tongo Hills and Gambaga Escarpment

Tongo hill is a stunning region rising from the savanna of the Upper East Region. Besides Many tribes hosting festivals at Tongo hills, it is home to the most prominent chief’s house. Tengzug village is a beautiful village situated below these hills and features several sacred shrines.

Gambaga escarpment is a remote scenic point that is somehow neglected, and it does not receive a large number of visitors. The oldest ancient kingdoms resided on this beautiful escarpment. The escarpment also serves as the witches’ home to all outcast women.

Volta Highlands

Volta highlands are beautiful and lavish despite their remote location. It is a scenic site a few meters above the sea, and this makes it more stunning and easily identifiable. Volta is a well-developed region in terms of infrastructure, and therefore it is more accessible. The famous Afadjato mountain is situated in the volta region, and hiking to the top of this mountain offers fantastic views of the neighboring communities and features such as volta lake. Volta has three main villages situated around Afadjato mountain, which have several accommodation hotels for the visiting people.


There are various scenic waterfalls that are in Ghana. Wli waterfalls are among the most famous waterfalls that receive a large number of visitors from all over the world. It is so exciting to hike to the top of the waterfalls. Most waterfalls are situated near the forest, where visitors can walk around before starting to enjoy the fantastic views of the forest.

Lake Rivers and Lagoons

Volta lake is among the main features in Ghana, and it is the largest artificial lake in the whole world. The lake covers a considerable square distance. Oti and Afram rivers are the major tributes of volta lake. Ghana also has several streams and rivers that are vital water sources for people around them. The popular rivers in Ghana include Pra, Birim, Densu Ankobra, and Tano rivers. The rivers are beautiful, especially when they are heavily flowing during the rainy seasons. There are some communities that perform their cultural rituals around rivers. Only river Pra is developed to receive visitors, and this river offers whitewater excursions and rafting.

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