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New Year’s Celebration: The Ghanaian Way!

by Ghana HIT

In different nations, New Year’s Eve means different things. New Year’s Eve is known in many countries as Old Year’s Day or St. Sylvester’s Day, but in Ghana, it is named 31st NIGHT. Often popularly referred to as CROSSOVER. It’s the last day of the year, and it’s the seventh day of the Christmas season.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations normally take place in the evening, where many people dance, eat, enjoy alcoholic drinks, and watch or light fireworks to mark the New Year.

Many family heads, opinion leaders, and influential people bring their families and individuals together for a private family members-only gathering before the evening. Ghanaians believe, in particular, that all evil deeds, quarrels, loggerheads, and petty disputes must be settled in the year it took place, and indeed everyone must start on a clean sheet.

Accra’s Sports Stadium on New Year’s Eve

Every New Year’s Eve, the Accra Sports Stadium holds the biggest Christian event in Accra. The Stadium, famous for premier league matches, acts as the place of convergence for Christians on December 31, who gather up to sing, pray and honor their God. When the clock strikes at Midnight, in and around the Stadium, there is dancing, jubilation, and fireworks display.

Golden Tulip Hotel Accra on New Year’s Eve

Situated 10 minutes from Kotoka International Airport, this is a four-star hotel. The hotel organizes one of the biggest concerts to round up the year on New Year’s Eve. There are live music and entertainment, and a stunning firework display to welcome the New Year. 

For more on info click here: https://accra.goldentulip.com/en-us

Osu Oxford Street on New year’s Eve

Osu Oxford Street is one of Accra’s busiest shopping centers. There you will find the best restaurants, clubs, and pubs in the area. Oxford St. is known for its witty nightlife events, and New Year’s Eve is not the exception. 

Map of Oxford St, Accra, Ghana

When it’s about to be midnight, you can see many excited Ghanaians visiting the church to asks for blessings for the New Year. When the midnight clock strikes and the church activities have ended, then the firecrackers and all types of fireworks continue. And the bars get filled with people ready to party and enjoy the very first few hours of the New Year. In general, the celebration goes on in the early hours of New Year’s Day, January 1.

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